Fruit growing course

Thanks to everyone who joined our organic fruit growing course in February. We had four sessions and it was great to be able to deliver the theory, alongside the hands-on practical from gage and pear tree planting to pruning  trees, bushes, canes, vines and even the delicious Japanese wineberry. 

‘It’s such a fantastic space to teach in the outdoor classroom,’ says Jules, our Head of Development and chief gardener, ‘with  tea breaks around the fire bowl I cant wait to teach more gardening and food growing related courses at SW this year.’

What you said you liked about the course:

  • Being able to put into practice aspects of the learning: planting of fruit trees and pruning.”    
  • Having extensive hand-outs was useful as my memory isn’t great! ”   
  • Being able to bring questions about current issues
  • “Being given the knowledge and explanations and then being able to test out your knowledge and learn as you go along in a supportive group.”

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